Welcome to the world of Apres Ski. A new band launched in Oct 2013 with Electrifying energy, stage presence and a sense of humour! There is only one mission: To Entertain the masses by any means necessary. You simply wont find a better band for a night of fun and frollicks than Apres Ski!

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Britney Vejazzle (50% Lead Vox/50% Backing Vox)

Ok so its not her real name, but the mystery lady from Sheffield behind the stagename was once an artist plucked from obscurity and signed to Sony Records by former Bros member Craig Logan. After a taste of a major label record deal she realised that it would be far more fun to sing fun songs for fun people dressed like a total fool. Britney also loves horses, but she`ll keep this a secret from you until she has known you for at least 6 months. With a killer voice and a love of entertaining, she is Apres Ski`s devastating diva - a rough diamond determined to stay that way.

Rodeo Jukes (50% Lead Vox/50% Backing Vox)

- World renowned for his knowledge of lady`s perfumes and the fascinating stories behind the fragrances, Rodeo has hidden his talent quite effectively from the world until now. After beginning life as a straight man at college with Britney, he soon blossomed into the eccentric Mercury-esque performer of today. Britney coaxed him back from the Carribean where he was performing aboard floating vessels in the sun to form Apres Ski, but now on board his bulletproof vocal performances and his lust for performing make him the serial entertainer that he is today. The band are quietly pleased that they have saved him from an almost certain life as cabin crew (most likely wearing bright orange with a no frills airline).

Max Power (Drums & BV`s)

Max is a minor celebrity amongst his neighbours in Teddington, Middx, as he once helped to get an elderly lady`s cat out of a tree... and the legend was born. In more musical terms, Max is an accomplished tub thumper who is a regular on tour with modern day 80`s guru Kid Kasio as well as having played at the 2012 London Olympics along with 30,023 other drummers. This aside, Max is the rock of the band and his door is always open for assistance with Britney`s bad hair days (there are many due to over-straightnening) or Rodeo`s moments of self doubt and insecurity (due largely to previous tonsil problems). He is almost blind without glasses, so dont be offended if he doesnt recognise you on the street.

Brighton Rock (All Guitars & BV`s)

Brighton initially got the job with Apres Ski due to his incredible ability to apply guy liner whilst on tour in France with legendary sister guilty pleasures band "Fake Tan". It only took a phone call from the Tan to the Ski and he was in. Once this talent was spotted, nurtured, and then blatantly exploited as make up artist to the band, it was generally thought that Brighton should start learning an instrument. Firstly he he was sent to Thailand to a retreat where he fasted for 4 months and learned to love himself again and then learnt guitar with legendary trumpet player Dave Saxon, who was a good friend of his step dad. He is now the second most accomplished guitar player in the band, and would be worth every penny, if we had paid for him... which we didnt.

Shiraz Buchanan (Bass Guitar)

- The better looking, younger and more modest brother of Baywatch`s Mitch Buchanan, Shiraz earned his stripes at an early age, committing Jazz crimes with other bands on guitar, before branding the 6 stringed instrument "too confusing." He then moved onto the 4 stringed bass as Apres Ski stepped in and stopped the endless jazz solos that no one really wanted to hear. He is now a devoted follower of all things guilty pleasures and has agreed to put the past behind him.

Listen Up!.

Don't Stop Believing.

I wanna Dance With Somebody.

Crazy In Love.

* Our ideal minimum stage size is 5 metres wide & 4 metres deep. Stage not essential of course.

* Please inform us ASAP if your venue has any noise restriction/Sound Limiter in place.

* If possible, have the bar and the band in the same room - believe us it makes a difference.

* We are happy to DJ from an Ipod playlist with DJ software at no extra cost.

* We recommend not starting the band before 9pm. Blood alcohol levels/daylight have to be treated with respect - we can always DJ during this time to fill space if needed.

* If using a generator 10Kva is ample for our needs.

* All we need is two virgin 13 amp domestic plug sockets, and we can take it from there.

* There arent any major divas in the band (OK maybe one), but if you could provide somewhere warm and dry for changing/hanging around, the band will ensure you will receive your reward in heaven.

* Please click to download UK Rider.

* Please click to download Overseas Rider.

The Royal Albert Hall
Carphone Warehouse
Sony UK
Polydor Records
Royal Bank of Scotland
Mylene Klass
UK Travel Awards
Sony Europe
Katy Brand

Fund Manager Of The Year Awards
Jenny Falconer
The Hospital Club
Fresh One Television
Kensington Roof Gardens
Boeringher Ingleheim Pharmaceuticals
Pension Of The Year Awards
Grosvenor House Hotel
Incisive Media
Spotlight Entertainments
The Met Bar
Amber Television

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